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Antichamber, it’s on steam, but it’s a puzzle game there’s no story here or characters, just you solving a bunch of puzzles, look it up online and tell me what you think of it.
I personally loved it!
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Silent Hill 2 has one of the most incredible and disturbing stories in a game. You will definiely say "wow" at the end. Old game, but stll amazing.
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I've watched some antichamber, not that type of game I'm looking for unfortunately. It needs to have a great story, something that just drags you back once you finish it because it's so damn good. I bought Metal gear rising, I'm more or less in love with the mgs series but I never gave rising a chance.

Silent hill 2 is one of my all time favorite horror games! The later games (with the exception of sh3) not so much. I really wish they'd bring back the old survival horror genre...